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Corporate information

At Fiduciaria Bancolombia we want you to learn more about us; thus, we have detailed information of our business available for you.


At Fiduciaria Bancolombia we initiated our consolidation process from a series of mergers with other trust companies of the country.  In 1995 with the merger of the trust company of BIC – Fidubic – with the Sociedad Fiduciaria Suramericana – Sufiducia-, and in 1998 the affiliate of Banco de Colombia -Fiducolombia- was merged with Fiduciaria Suramericana and with BIC S.A. Sufibic.  The foregoing allowed increasing the competitiveness by offering a wider range of products and obtaining higher scale economies.

Later in 2005, Fiducolombia S.A. absorbed Sociedad Fiduciaria Corfinsura S.A. through merger. Such operation increased the figures of the results and the size of the trust company, thus consolidating the leadership of Bancolombia in the sector. In 2006, the Company changed its corporate name to Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A., name that has remained to date.

With over 20 years of experience in the trust sector, with the number of businesses managed by us and the portfolio of assets under management of our investment funds, we have accomplished outstanding commercial achievements that position us as the leading trust company of the Colombian market and as allies of our clients by assisting them in the development of their projects and offering them thorough solutions that enhance the investment of their resources, the administration and management of their assets and the coordination and execution of activities that make it possible for their dreams to come true.   

Additionally, in order to participate directly in the international market, in 2008 we incorporated the affiliate FiduPeru in that country, focused toward providing first-class trust services to different segments of clients, both, of the private and government sectors.

This is how throughout the years our innovation and growth in the investment funds industry have been outstanding since:

  • We have been an important fund management ally to the Colombian State, specially on social security matters.
  • We have mobilized the local and foreign private investment.
  • We launched the first private capital fund of the country.
  • We have promoted the development of the management industry of such type of funds.
  • We have assisted important developments related to the power, road, port and airport infrastructure of the country. 
  • We have developed an increasingly dominant role for the assistance to the construction sector through their real estate products.

Reconocimientos y calificaciones

At Fiduciaria Bancolombia we have obtained following ratings that ratify the soundness of our management:

Likewise, we hold excellent rating for our collective investment funds.

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